What Made You Want to Buy a Boat?!

It’s funny when you tell people that you are selling everything to buy a boat and sail around the world. The reactions are almost always the same, people just can’t understand why we would even want to do it. They usually think it’s a really cool idea, they would never do it and we may be a little crazy.

We look even stranger when we talk about some of the realities of living on a boat:

  • Having to make your own water
  • Not being able to just take the garbage to the street, you need to put it in a little boat, take it to land, and hope you find a dumpster somewhere.
  • Constantly moving, a boat rarely stays still with the waves.
  • Having to stock up on food because you aren’t sure where you will find the next store.
  • Laundry is a whole other issue with things never drying.
  • Never having a solid plan because everything depends on the weather.

Not to mention, storms, lightning, big waves, and the question we always get asked…pirates!

So why in the world would we do this?

The year 2020 made us all reflect on what was most important. When we stepped back and looked at our lives we realized that we were just coasting. We had bought our dream home in 2018. Our business was going great, we had many fun family vacations, we thought were living the dream, but we realized that there are so many more important things we could be doing. Most importantly creating relationships with our children and helping them have a relationship with God.

In the fall of 2018 there was the second biggest wildfire in Utah’s history right in our backyard. For 9 long days we were evacuated, not knowing what would happen to our house. Being homeless, only having the few things we could stuff into a duffle bag really started putting things into perspective. By the grace of God our home and the entire city was spared by the fire. Every day we would hear of miracles and seeing how God was protecting us. This was the first time in my life that I had really been able to see faith grow in my children.

It was a trying time, but as we got back into our house, got settled again, things started to go back to normal and we all kind of forgot the miracles we had seen.

So when Ben and I started to talk about how our lives could be different and how we could focus more on our family and help our kids build their faith, I thought back to that moment, watching our kids learn how God works and seeing his miracles. I knew we needed to do something where we would need to lean on the Lord more than we ever had. Ben had the idea of living on a boat about 5 years ago. I thought, ya, that would be fun, but didn’t think it would ever happen. One thing I love about Ben is he isn’t afraid to dream, to do things that other people think is crazy and following his own path. I put the idea on the back burner as I was building our business. We watched hours of YouTube of other people “living the dream” and continued to live what I thought was our dream, living in the mountains.

The more we both pondered about how we could build closer relationships with our kids, the answer got clearer and clearer. The boat. I had many freak out moments through the process. Worried about just about everything you could think of from pirates, to storms to selling our house. The more we prayed and took steps of faith the more we both knew it was the right thing. Now, we needed to tell our kids.

Our kids had been sailing quite a bit. I grew up sailing, all our family vacations growing up were charting sailboats and my kids were always around my parent’s boat. Our oldest Max actually went sailing when he was only 5 days old. Start them when they are young right! But even with knowing what sailing was we had half love the idea and half hate the idea. The beauty of time is that all of them have now come around to the idea. Sometimes change is hard and it scares us, but it’s been a great lesson already to lean into the things that scare us because you never know what amazingness is on the other side.

So with a “plan” we decided to take one step at a time, start getting prepared and then sell our house AND that is a whole long story.

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