Selling Our House Has Been a Journey…

In the Spring of 2021 we saw the hottest housing market that anyone had ever seen, especially in Utah. Houses were going for way over asking price, they were selling within hours of listing and things were crazy! Even in the small town of Woodland Hills houses were selling fast. We knew when we bought our house in 2018 that it would take a while to sell when we decided to sell. We had planned on 7-8 months to sell but houses around here were selling in weeks instead of months.

We loved our house. It had been our dream house in the mountains. Though we knew it was our 3-5 year house (I really wanted to build our next house) we thought we would always be in Woodland Hills. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live right by the mountains, trails, have deer in your yard every day as well as turkeys. Our kids played all around the neighborhood all summer. The air was clean, the nights were filled with crickets and it was paradise.

When the thought of living on a boat kept coming to Ben and I, we knew we needed to take a few steps toward that direction to see if it still felt right. With each step a boat seemed more and more like the right decision. Then it came to putting our house on the market. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such a commitment. I mean, there was no turning back. That’s when I had my first (of many) freak out moment. What if we hated being on a boat. Then we couldn’t get OUR house back! All true, but Ben calmly reminded me that it would be ok and we could get another house that we would love just as much. It’s so interesting when you are doing something out of your comfort zone how quickly your brain finds all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something to keep you safe.

We listed our house for sale in the summer of 2021 and just waited for the right person to walk through the house, fall in love with it and give us a full price offer! It had to be that simple right! Boy were we wrong. Showing after showing after showing we waited. We had our first offer after 2 months on the market for 35% less than asking price. We politely declined. The days got shorter, it started to get colder and our outlook of selling our house before Christmas wasn’t looking good. I had imagined spending Christmas on the beach somewhere, but we were still in the cold winter of Utah.

We continued to have showings, averaging about 1-2 a week. It was crazy, I didn’t think my kids could keep the house that clean but they did great. We could get the entire house ready in about an hour. Everyone had their jobs and we quickly would go to work. The feedback was always the same. The potential buyers loved the house. They were thinking of putting in an offer and then….. they would ghost us, they would put an offer on another house or they would put in an offer that was so low we couldn’t accept.

Then December came and right before a showing Ben noticed the carpet was wet in the basement. When he searched to find the problem he discovered that our water main from the street was leaking into the house. We called the plumber and the solution was to replace the entire water main. So right before the first snow fall they dug a trench from the road to our house and fixed the pipe. Just 20 days later the pipe broke again. This time we had about 2 feet of snow on the ground, but they dug up the lawn again to fix their mistake. Later we found out that they forgot to tie in the sprinkler system so they had to come again, yes 3 times, to fix the water main. That was a lot of digging in our front yard.

With all these issues and everyone loving our house and not wanting to buy it we seriously thought that maybe it wasn’t the right thing. That’s the funny thing about faith. Sometimes we expect that if something is right everything will just fall into place. That’s how buying our Woodland Hills house was. We decided to move to Woodland Hills, found a house, sold our old house in just 1 day and within 2 months were living there. But it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes your faith needs to be strengthened by knowing something is right and continuing on that path even though things aren’t going like you planned. We would pray and ask if we were still on the right track and over and over again felt like we were headed in the right direction, it was just time to be patient. It’s really easy when you look back to see how things work out the way they needed to, but in the moment it is so hard to have the patience and to rely on the promptings you receive. We knew it was going to happen, but it was obvious that it had to be in God’s timing for this all to work.

We turned our attention to the things that we could do even though our house wasn’t sold. Ben and I took our ASA sailing classes in Texas. It was so fun to be on the water and watch Ben learn even more how to sail. He even did better than me on our tests! While we were in Texas we got an offer on the house! We were so excited! We signed all the papers and we were ready to start packing as soon as we got back. On our way home we got word that the buyer was backing out of the deal. We were devastated. We had waited so long, felt like we had done everything right and still we weren’t on our way. There was nothing we could do so we keep preparing and doing what we needed to do.

We had some friends invite us on their boat for a week in Alaska to sail with them. It was an amazing experience and one that I needed so much. It gave me the confidence that we could live on a boat and that everything was going to work out. While we were in Alaska we had 8 showings in 7 days! We thought for sure that one of those would put in an offer, but none of them put in an offer. There were a quite a few that said they loved it and wanted to put in an offer, but timing was still not right.

The day finally came when we got our next offer. By this time it had almost been a year since we listed our house. I had visualized so many times a family with a few kids walking through the house and just loving everything about it. That they could see the potential the house had and that it would be perfect for their family. That’s exactly who finally walked through our door and decided to put in an official offer. FINALLY!

After almost 340 day of trying to sell our house, the rollercoaster ride of showings, things breaking, not to mention recarpeting and repainting the whole house this part of our journey was almost over! We have had many people ask us about why it took so long to sell, were we priced to high, did we need to get a new agent, all the things. (our agent was phenomenal by the way) the reasons are starting to become clear as everything in life is when we look back and can see God’s hand in our lives. There is no doubt that He has been guiding us all along the way. During the year of trying to sell our house our family got so much closer, we were united in the same cause, we all prayed for the same thing. We all grew spiritually so much during that year. Learning how to listen to the promptings of the spirit and following God’s will. That’s a hard thing to do sometimes and I know it’s going to be a massive skill when we are finally out there on the water. We will need His guidance more than ever. When we turn our will over to God, He will always make more out of us than we ever could imagine and we are experiencing that change of heart. It really is a magical thing.

Now the next task is to find our boat….

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